Tübingen 2019

When? September 2019 (3 days).
Where? Tübingen and Swabian Alb (Germany).
What? Motorbike tour from Koblenz, two nights in Tübingen, a day tour, and back to Koblenz.

While a bit cold maybe, the weather was nice for a few days and I decided just to head off to the South of Germany on my motorbike. Spontaneously and short …

To save some time I took the highways for about the first half of the tour to Tübingen, but took my time through the Pfalz, the outskirts of the Black Forest, and finally the Swabian Alb. And then it took me a bit to find my Airbnb place… remember to write down the correct house number, guys…

Day two was much more exciting though! I went on a round tour prepared by Kurvenkönig (tour number 13). The first stretch was not that amazing (a few too many populated areas), but after a bit it was just pure fun. What a day! Sun all the time, a wonderful area to look at and a lot of nice curves to drive through. And in the evening of this late summer day? Of course! Exploring Tübingen a bit on foot and having a nice dinner at Café Atrium.

The way back (on day 3) was nicer than the way to Tübingen for some reason. Interesting route and fun for the end, while I also took the highway towards the end, to save an hour at the end.

Overall, the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest are definitely worth a visit! Maybe even a longer one. And Tübingen… nice city :-)

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