Scotland 2017

When? September 2017 (10 days).
Where? Scotland.
What? Three people, three bikes, 2850km, lots of amazing memories.

Scotland was a destination friends and I had been wanting to go to for a while. The stories told were full of magic, wonderful landscapes, awesome people, … and mosquitos. We went there for a rather short trip of 10 days (including our way there and back by ferry) with our motorbikes. First challenge: How to get impressions from our trip without stopping every 5 minutes… So I mounted one of the friend’s GoPro to my motorbike.

Our route: Newcastle – Scotland – Newcastle

We came in by ferry through Newcastle and went on a tour that should take us around a big part of Scotland once. As we went we called ahead for accommodations for the same or the next day, which went very well. The Eastern parts of Scotland would not be as nice as the Western parts, so we cut that short and enjoyed the amazing rest of the country a bit more. Overall we spent a decent amount of the trip on our bikes from morning until afternoon each day. Our trusted companions (aka motorbikes) made it all the way to the end without trouble – except mine of course. But we made it home :-) The countryside seemed a bit like a mix of the Scandinavian countries and what I imagine Ireland to be like. In short: amazing. And while we had rain, hail, snow, ice, sun, good roads, bad roads, warm, and cold, the mosquitos must have been so scared of us that they did not bother us once.

You will note that the quality of some of the following photos is not amazing, but they should show how wonderful and diversified Scotland is. This is because the photos were taken using the GoPro, my smartphone and a compact camera – depending on the situation.

Finally: Would we do go to Scotland again? Anytime. Would we plan with more time the next time around? Yes. What was the best thing we saw? Sunshine ;-)

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