Portugal 2019

When? September 2019 (11 days).
Where? Portugal.
What? A family trip to the Algarve, close to and at the coast.

What more can you dream of than an extended family trip to the beach? Okay, I could think of a few other things (sorry family :P ), but it sure was a nice idea. We were 7, which makes for a proper crowd. And it was very enjoyable :-) Not only the weather, but the whole trip.

We had chosen a place to stay that was a little inland, but where some of us had been to before. A very nice spot run by a lady who had made Portugal her home a long time ago. We were the only guests, so we had it all almost for ourselves. Portugal itself is a rather dry place and so was this spot. We enjoyed the sun however. The daily routine: Breakfast on the terrace, cuddles for the three dogs, trip to the beach, spending the evening outside. Well, roughly. It was a very lazy trip . Exactly what a vacation should be like from time to time :D

Even though we went to the beach a lot we also visited the region a bit (no, not only the supermarket…). The Algarve has its own feel for some reason. Maybe it’s the yellow-red sandstone along the coast, maybe it is the look of the cities, maybe it is the people. I am not sure. But it is nice. It seems a lot slower-paced than at home in many ways.

But let’s not babble too much. Here are some impressions for you…

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