Norway 2020

When? February 2020 (14 days).
Where? Norway.
What? Two people, two countries, almost all of Norway.

Cold, snow, ice, scarcely populated areas, rough landscapes, cozy houses, reindeer, moose… That is what came to mind first when I thought about Norway. A beautiful country, worth a visit. So my mom and I went there for two weeks. Just in time (February) before Corona happened. Only the flights and a car booked. We would look for accommodation one or two days before arriving at our next destination. We did not know what to expect, so that seemed like a good and also somewhat adventurous idea. Not that we had not done that before ;-)

The goal was not to see everything in detail. The goal was to enjoy a trip into a country we had always wanted to visit. And to see much of it. We could easily used three weeks, but we managed :-) Apparently, the not so mountainous areas in the Southern half have… well… lots of rain (looking at you, Ålesund!). But that’s fine. The green grass does not come from nothing. But as soon as it is colder you get snow. Lots of snow! But whatever weather you have, it is worth it in winter! Sometimes Norway felt like a hybrid between Finland and Scotland, and of course they share some common ice age history. And still it is much different. Apart from the landscape we really enjoyed the kindness of the people we met. We met a few on our trip and we enjoyed it every time.

Our itinerary roughly included: Göteborg (Sweden; yes, we came in and left again through Sweden), Oslo, Morgedal, Bergen, Oppedal, Sogndalsfjøra, Ålesund, Trondheim, Mosjøen, Bodø, Lofoten (Moskenes, Å, Svolvær, …), Kiruna (Sweden). Was it too short? Yes. Was it still worth it? YES! Would we do it again? Definitely.; maybe with a little more time and a greater focus on the North.

And now off you go and enjoy some pictures below :-)

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