Have I created everything myself?

Of course not! I am using a ton of things created by other people.

What is used on this website?

I do not guarantee that I have included every single piece created by others here. But I try to list them all over time ;-)

  • WordPress. First and foremost this website runs using the free WordPress website software.
  • Plugins. I am using several plugins that help extend WordPress’ functionality. Some of them include Antispam Bee, Autoptimize (optimizations, Google Font blocking, etc.), Real Cookie Banner, GDRP Comments (no IP logging etc.), Intagrate Lite, OMGF (finding used fonts for local hosting, which in turn I have done manually) and Yoast SEO. If you are looking for plugins yourself, have a look at Finn’s extensive plugin list (in German; open an English version using Google Translate) with an assessment of their GDPR compatibility.
  • Theme. For quite some time I have used the Poseidon theme by ThemeZee, but currently I am using the great PhotoFocus theme by Catch Themes. Most important difference: It’s dark ;-)
  • Icons. Some of the icons on this website are part of the amazing and popular Font Awesome (some part of version 4.7) set by Dave Gandy. Where an image version (svg, png, or other) of an icon is used you can find the required CC BY 4.0 attribution in the alt tag of the respective image. Another icon set used here, which has been forked from Font Awesome in 2018 (and does not requiring attribution) is Fork Awesome. It’s a great project! And a community project on top of that!

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